What Are Your Thoughts…

A couple of news items from the weekend have been banging around in my noggin.

First, the death of Erin “Joanie” Moran at age 56.

After shooting to the top as the cute sweetheart on the mega-hit “Happy Days,” Erin suffered through what her friends called a “downward spiral” of depression, drugs, and booze. Apparently, it culminated in the foreclosure of her home in 2010, and a marriage to a man named Steve Fleischmann, who was living in a trailer park with his elderly mother.

Reports say Mr. Fleischmann’s mother order Moran off the property in 2012 after the two had some sort of altercation. A drunken throw down is how one media outlet described it.

Sources say Erin then moved from motel to motel as her descent continued. All the while her fellow child actors were trying to do what they could to help save her. All to no avail.

We have seen this episode before. Fame, money, and power at a young age seems to cause many, if not most, to spiral out of control until unfortunately they meet a terrible and way too early end.

There’s an old saying which I am very familiar with. It says, “The only person you can’t save someone from is themselves.”

It’s tragic, but true.

RIP “Joanie” and thanks for the many laughs.

Second, what is going on with air travel these days?

Reports say an American Airlines staff member allegedly hit a woman with a stroller, and then challenged a man to a fight after the man stood up for the woman.


This after video of a woman raising a ruckus on a different flight last week caused the captain to order everyone off the plane before it could leave the ground.

Everybody chill. Like now.

Don’t you guys know it’s Fiesta time?????

And cut others a little bit of slack.

Wouldn’t that be nice?



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