What Difference Does It Make?

Don’t be so sure.

I’m hearing and reading a lot of declarations about today’s Hillary Clinton health scare.

In the first place, here’s hoping she actually is as hale and hearty as her campaign claims.

But, I don’t buy it, and haven’t for a while.

Here’s what NOT to be so sure about. People are saying:

Now she will have to release her health records.”

“Her in-the-tank media have to cover her health as a story now.”

“Now her health is an issue, maybe even the issue.”

Don’t be so sure.

On records, this is a candidate who releases what she wants, when she wants. She’ll not be forced into any dramatic revelations. Have you been paying attention this year? Are you prepared to believe some sort of “doctor’s report”? In the first knee-buckling hours after the 9/11 ceremony, there were two different official excuses.

The “journalists” aiding and abetting this corrupt candidate didn’t just have a conversion moment. Don’t be naive. They have carried her this far, and it’s a short distance to the goal line of their own vindication. They’ve been “helping her into the van” long before Sunday.

Remember what WAS her big story before Sunday? “Basket of deplorables”? Four years ago, when Mitt Romney wrote-off the 47%, he was a war criminal. But when Madam Secretary bleep-cans 60 million people, crickets.

Before that, it was her Hamptons cocktail clique collectively exiling former NBC darling, Matt Lauer, last week. He asks a few Emailgate questions, and now he has a new nickname: Matt Drudge. He’s been voted off the island. Of Nantucket, that is.

Are you erstwhile debate moderators paying attention? Lauer’s own bosses left him for dead (“A disaster!”) Behold your future, unless you take a page from the Candy Crowley playbook.

Finally, a lot of people are saying the incident in NYC will matter. In other words, this one will stick. Don’t be so sure.

I can’t figure out my fellow Americans voting for Mrs. Clinton. Their capacity and willingness to overlook and rationalize is limitless. She will not lose them.

In any other year, facts are factors.

But look at our candidates, folks.

This isn’t like any other year. This is 2016.



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