What If Dan Bongino Is Right About A Conspiracy Against Trump?

The Mueller investigation winding down, and throwing off hints of what’s to come.

Predictably, anti-Trumpers greet each new development like sharks at feeding time. Trump fans are sure their sainted team can do no wrong. Incoming Democratic chairs Schiff and Nadler promise to close down the Republican-led probes into DOJ/FISA abuses against Donald Trump.

What they can’t do is unring the bell—what we already know about the story.

But what if the whole Mueller special counsel probe was never about finding so-called “Russian collusion”, but really about covering it up?

Meaning—Mueller is sort of the Mickey Cohen of the deep state. Cohen was supposed to be Trump’s fixer, right?

Who’s their fixer? Mueller.

A good fixer would know how to shift suspicion away from his bosses and onto someone else, someone tailor-made for blame.

In his new book, “Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump”, Bongino, a former Secret Service agent and now popular podcaster, lays out a conspiracy to cover-up the weaponization of the federal government’s intel gathering by the Obama administration, at a time when they figured Hillary Clinton would win in 2016, but they just wanted some good oppo research on Trump, and “insurance”, as Strzok/Page called it.

If Secretary Clinton had won, no coverup would have been needed, and her fixers would’ve mopped up the operation. When she lost, there was not only a desire to foil the incoming president, but also a need—a need to protect career government apparatchiks from reputational or even criminal blowback. What if Team Trump exposed them? Could happen—remember the President’s recent New York Post interview where he threatens to declassify documents when he thinks the moment is right?

Click here for how Bongino lays it out.



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