What’s Next for the “Bathroom Bill?”

By Don Morgan

The special session at the State Legislature came to an abrupt end Tuesday night and one of the most talked about issues lawmakers were facing, didn’t get resolved.

The so called bathroom bill wasn’t brought up by Legislators and while many are glad the issue is on hold for now, others says they’re preparing for another round.

Chuck Smith at Equality Texas tells us he’s pleased Speaker Strauss brought an end to the session before the bill could come up.

“We are happy to see that no legislation advanced that would target transgender people for unequal treatment.”

However, Dave Welch at the Texas Pastor Council who pushed hard for the bathroom bill says supporters aren’t going to give up. He’s hoping for a second special session.

“The foundational equal protection of the privacy and safety of all women and children across the state of Texas os a legitimate reason as well to come back and get this done.”

Both sides expect another big fight over the bathroom bill during the next regular session in 2019.



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