What’s the Buzz: Trailer for Pixar film ‘Lightyear’ debuts exclusively on GMA

The trailer for Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear is here!

With the help of voice star Chris Evans, Good Morning America exclusively debuted the sneak peek of the action-adventure film, which Pixar describes as “the definitive story of the original Buzz Lightyear.”

In the Angus MacLane-directed project, which arrives in theaters on June 17, 2022, Evans voices the action hero that became the toy voiced by Tim Allen in the Toy Story films.

Pixar’s Pete Docter previously shared, “[B]ack when we created the very first Toy Story, we designed Buzz Lightyear with the idea that he was a toy based on some really cool character from an epic, blockbuster film. Well, all these years later, we decided it’s time to make that film.”

MacLane, a longtime Pixar employee who co-directed Finding Dory, tells GMA the film will be both serious and funny, “but not goofy.”

“Say The Incredibles, where it is humorous, but you’re never feeling like the characters are mocking their concern for their own safety — it is a world of stakes and peril and death,” MacLane explained. “And so this is a film where we find out about Buzz Lightyear and the origins of the Space Rangers…It’s a film that celebrates that feeling you would get watching the sci-fi movies of the late ’70s and early ’80s.”

MacLane said Captain America himself, Evans, was a “tremendous creative partner” and the perfect choice to voice the “real life” hero.

“[Buzz] says really, really goofy things really, really seriously and takes the job very seriously, and so for me, there were very few actors that could pull off an earnestness and…the comedy of that.”

“It’s gonna be quite the ride!” Evans teases.

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