What’s Wrong With Republicans in 2016

Looking like a man crossing a task off his to-do list, Donald Trump handed out the Ryan/McCain/Ayotte endorsements Saturday night.

Who believes he is really pulling for these Republicans, as they face reelection challenges? Who believes these three are feeling the love for the Donald?

So, how did these Republicans wind up like this? The question comes up so often, and so earnestly, that I thought I’d offer an answer. Maybe not THE answer. But here goes the short version:

After 2012, the party elites (leaders, major donors, etc. etc.) and the people in the party (voters who vote mostly, and usually, for Republicans) drew different conclusions about what went wrong, and what their concerns were.

People I listen to are enraged at seeing the laws broken and their values trashed and discarded, as though we reached some new enlightened age and everything we used to do was wrong, stupid or racist.

Not true, of course.

To their disappointment, electing every increasing numbers of Republicans up and down the ballot, to the point where the GOP nationwide is at a modern high-water mark for offices-held, made no difference. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

When someone came along who said “I’m with you, I’m mad too”, they were (and believe me, still are) willing to turn to him. I’ve never heard so many callers say of a candidate, “I don’t know if he’s the right man, but we have to try someone different, and he is different.”

There’s a logical argument against Trump, but most of the elitists don’t stoop to make it. They instead drip with condescension and disdain for Americans who have real concerns and warnings for us. They consign Trump voters and Trump to the “wrong-side-of-history” trash heap.

Those people listened to you elites, and delivered for you, and voted with full hearts, and you failed them.

The least you could have done, and still could do, is admit your own failures and listen. These are people you courted with ardor in 2010, 2012 and 2014. Now, they’re wrong, stupid and racist?!

I’m not a member of your party, but that’s how it looks to me.




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