When Did We Get Like This?

Last night, show producer Don Cooper wondered if Speaker Kevin McCarthy would rip up his copy of the SOTU, a la Pelosi.

K-Mac says no.

But how, or when did we get like this?

When McCarthy called Pelosi’s actions “theatrics”, I nodded, but then wondered. Is it an act, or is it the act of total disdain? Because it could be exactly what you will feel like doing with Joe Biden’s cookie crumb-strewn script, and you wouldn’t be acting.

We don’t “agree to disagree” as much as we go in for the kill. We don’t shake our head, we shake out fist. We don’t turn away, we try to cancel the existence of the other side.

Or, not “we”, but “they”, right?

Democrats blame the Trump era for all divisiveness, forgetting that their “worse than Hitler” sign previously hung around the necks of Messrs. McCain and Romney among others.

Republicans will say Obama was purposefully, racially inflammatory. He was, but he seems much less crazy than most Democrats these days.

Or do our woes date back to the hanging chad election of 2000, which robbed both sides of a clear if close outcome? The sky-screaming from that one has never stopped.

When did it start, and who started it?

All I know is that, with terms like “my truth”, we are awash in hypocrisy, lies and self-appointed actors-or-activists who claim a level of purity to justify their Maoist Cultural Revolution.

Bottom line: tonight’s SOTU is a relic of an earlier era (not to mention it’s being delivered by a relic of an earlier era) when there was competition to be better, not worse.

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