Where Are You Allowed to Flirt in 2023?

Two people walk into a bar.

Well, the woman was already there. “Gerudo Feminist” on Twitter posted: “Was at the bar today and a man came up and said ‘Can I ask you a question?’

“I said, without looking up from my game, ‘No’.

[She reveals she was playing “Tears of the Kingdom” and having a blood orange margarita]

“He was so taken aback, he answered ‘Are you serious?’ and I lo0ked up and stared at him. He put his hands up and walked away.”

I thought bars were still places where you could talk to people. “Can I ask you a question” isn’t the greatest opening line, but it could be innocuous, like someone asking for directions..

She continues:

“The bar is in a very Trumpy area and I’m often the only black person in there when I go. I generally don’t talk to anyone except the bartenders, who all know me lol”

She seems pretty put out.

Did he do anything wrong, in your opinion? Did she?

It seemed on the thread that women mostly supported her, and guys mostly sympathized with him.

Not being in bars much, and never having been too adventurous back when I was, I’m wondering.

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