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Where did Bloomberg’s “horse-faced lesbian” phrase come from?

Where in the world did the “horse-faced lesbian” phrase come from?

It comes from a book published in 1990 by White Mountain Press entitled “The Portable Bloomberg: The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg”.

The book includes an editor’s note that reads:

“Yes, these are all actual quotes.

No, nothing has been embellished or exaggerated.

And yes, some things were too outrageous to include.

When I joined BLOOMBERG Financial Markets, I wondered if I had inadvertantly joined a religious sect, such was the dedication of the employees to its founder, and their enthusiasm for the company.

Today, I’m a convert.  And when we rent Madison Square Garden for mass nuptials, I’ll be there.

The contributors and I hope this collection reflects the myriad (a favorite Mike word) aspects of MRB.”

The note is dated February 14, 1990 — the former New York City mayor’s birthday.

The book itself includes some fun facts about Bloomberg — like his favorite song is “My Way” and his middle name is “Rambunctious” — and then about 30 pages of Bloomberg sayings throughout.

Regarding the “horse-faced lesbian” quote, this is the actual quote, according to this book:

“The Royal family — what a bunch of misfits — a gay, an architect, that horsey faced lesbian, and a kid who gave up Koo Stark for some fat broad.”

The vary widely on topic, though mostly relate to him as a person or his business.

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