Where Will Your Name Be Listed for 2023?

I remember hearing a funny story about a man who, when reading his local newspaper one morning, was shocked to find his obituary listed.

Soon, his phone began ringing with calls from friends and acquaintances, checking to see what happened, or expressing grief.

When he got a chance, he phoned up the editor of the paper and angrily informed him that they’d made a mistake. He was definitely alive.

The editor stammered out an apology—nothing like this had ever happened before and they would make it up to him.

“How are you going to do that?! asked the angry man

“Tomorrow we’ll put your name in the “new birth announcements”! the editor triumphantly replied.

While I doubt it happened this way, I think of this story near the end of the year.

It’s not a bad idea to let some things about us sort of “die”at the year’s end, and announce their death to ourselves and even those around us. This is much, much easier said than done. I struggle with holding on to other people’s words, actions and thoughts. But I know I have to work at it.

Habits, attitudes, negative stuff with family or work.  Bury them, move on from them, and allow our new selves to start the new year out fresh.

Whatever you decide to “bury”, you have my prayers and best wishes. Here’s to a better year!

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