The “Let’s Go Brandon” chant spread far and wide again this weekend.

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy…

…you might be “Brandon” if you’re President Biden. Or VP Harris.

Or Dr. Fauci. Or AOC, Schumer or the schmucks chasing Senator Sinema into the bathroom.

Or if you’re working yourself into a lather “canceling” a comedian, coach, actor or other creative person (creative talent being one thing cancelmeisters usually lack).

There’s a kind of person (no one you know) who’s got your number, heard enough, and is walking away.

If you push them hard enough, they may not deliver your organic cat treats, or fly your jetliners, or fix your pipes.

We’re getting pretty close to their no more “Brandons” to give point, and if the vaccine mandate isn’t the final straw, it’s close.

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