If ever there was a time to pray for our fellow Americans, which if we’re being honest, is every day—but definitely right now as Hurricane Ian is making landfall.

If the path and intensity of “Ian” continues, we aren’t looking at just a severe weather event, but at the greatest stressor on our economy, supply chains and way of life since the pandemic hit us. And we’re not done repairing what pandemic policies did to our way of life yet, not by a long shot.

So, this is a moment for pragmatism and problem solvers, not partisans and activists. We will need the smartest people when it comes to construction, logistics, investment, recovery, trade…the list goes on. Pronouns won’t matter. Virtue signaling won’t help anyone.

Our preening, pompous political class won’t have the right answers, and possibly not any answers. They will have to humble themselves and listen to people and to industries that, in some cases, they’ve villified and belittled.

The call will go out, as it has during times of crisis, economic depression and war mobilization, for people who know how to get things done.

Who’ll answer the call?

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