The Whole Megillah About the Gorilla Harambe

Harambe, we hardly knew ye. And I am sorry you had to be shot to death. You seemed like an OK primate.

If you don’t have or like children, I can understand that you would be attending your local candlelight vigil for the 400-pounder, and you would be boycotting the Cincinnati Zoo, and you are demanding a trial at The Hague for his executioner.

Here’s what I don’t understand: If you do have children, or love them, are you telling me we should’ve taken a “wait-and-see” here?! Is that what we’ve come to in an age of millions of abortions a year, in a city where two toddlers were chained down in the backyard of a house on Chipping Ave.? Whatever happened to #BringBackOurGirls?

“Maybe it wasn’t necessary to shoot the gorilla?” really only makes sense as a question if “maybe the kid gets maimed or killed” is an acceptable outcome to you. I mean, are we really debating this?

Not to mention a couple of horseflies in the ointment: Have you noticed how many of the Harambist sympathizers are lusting after the pelt of the mom? Who is human. Interesting. If we did a Venn diagram, I wonder how many on Team Harambe are people who don’t think anyone can be trusted with a gun, or with homeschooling their children. But a gorilla? Hey, let’s hope for the best!

Also, do we really think the rapid-response team at the zoo (in other words, people who work at the zoo) are really trigger-happy types just waiting for the day when they can kill one of the exhibits?

I’m thinking, in the midst of all this misery and recrimination, we are forgetting that a little boy has survived something he really might not have.

I worry that almost no one noticed.



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