Why Chiefs linebacker Nick Bolton said winning in front of his mom was ‘a dream come true’

(NEW YORK) — Super Bowl 57 was a dream come true for Kansas City Chiefs star linebacker Nick Bolton, who said he envisioned himself in the end zone just days prior.

That dream came true during the second quarter, when Bolton came up with one of the biggest plays of the night to change the momentum in Kansas City’s favor.

The second-year lineman scooped up a fumble by Jalen Hurts, then ran 36 yards for a defensive touchdown to tie the game at 14-14.

“I dreamed about it and it came to fruition when that play happened. It’s kind of surreal,” Bolton told ABC News’ Good Morning America hours after the Chiefs’ 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Arizona. “I came to the sidelines and I couldn’t enjoy the moment because I felt like I was living through a dream again. It was a great play for our team, we needed it and we found a way to win.”

Bolton, who led the team in tackles, said the post-win feeling was “still surreal” and has been soaking it in with his teammates and family.

“I haven’t gone to sleep. We’re up and happy to be here,” he said.

Down 24-14 at the half, Bolton said the team refocused in the locker room.

“We understood we just got to keep being us, but do it better in terms of penalties or getting off the field on third down and longs,” he explained. “We had to find a way in the second half to keep coming back in the box on third down and long and keep the ball to the outside and just run the tackle out in space.”

The 22-year-old said it was “huge” to have his mom there for his first NFL championship, “especially because I didn’t have the opportunity to have her at the game when I played my state championship in Texas in high school. She had to be at home and she didn’t want to travel because of her health issues. Having her come to a game of this magnitude, and happening the way it did, it’s a dream come true.”

He joked, adding, “She’ll probably end up getting that [ring] and holding onto that one for awhile for me.”

As for what’s next, Bolton said the team will get back to Kansas City for the victory parade Wednesday.

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