What in The Wild World of Sports..?!

The jokes write themselves.

What do  the Rio Olympic games and the 2016 U.S. presidential election have in common?

Both can make you sick.

Everyone involved just wants to get them over with.

Sex should be avoided during them.

I was reading an article fretting about how Trump and Clinton will face the “obstacle” of reaching people during the 2-week “distraction” of Rio. Really, won’t it be the other way around? How does badminton, or “rhythmic gymnastics”, stand a chance, compared with “She’s the devil!” and “midnight in America”.

C’mon, we all know what we’ll be watching, and it won’t be the field hockey semis.

Then there’s the Donald’s complaint that two of the four fall debates coincide with NFL game nights. Democrats say he’s dodging debates, but he may have something there.

Did you see the DNC Estrogenfest in Philadelphia? Not a lot of Ditka diehards in that group. I get the feeling Trump’s heavy in the NFC and AFC demographics.

Hillary? More like IFC.

All in all, I don’t think the campaigns will go dormant during the Olympic games, but the Olympic games might.

My prediction for these next 90-something days: you won’t be able to look away from Clinton-Trump.

Even when you want to.



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