Will Border Wall Fight Shut Down the Federal Government?

Will President Trump’s plans for a border wall lead to a federal government shutdown at the end of the week?

Democrats seem ready to dig in for a showdown with the White House, not showing any signs of backing away from the fight.

“It’s (the proposed border wall) a political stunt, and obsession for the President that should not shut down our government” Illinois Senator Dick Durbin told CNN’s “State of the Union, adding “To think that he would consider shutting down the government of the United States of America over this outlandish proposal.”

On the other hand, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is convinced the President plans on seeing the fight over the wall all the way through.

“He’ll do the right thing for sure… I suspect he will be insistent on the funding” Kelly told CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

The Secretary also expressed his belief the proposed wall could actually be seen as a means of protecting those who would consider making the journey to cross the in to the United States illegally.

“This network that they travel on is terribly terribly dangerous and abusive… to me this is a human rights issue” Kelly said.



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