Will Trailer Tragedy Spur Immigration Reform?

By Don Morgan

Congressman Lamar Smith says the urgent need for more border security couldn’t be more clear folowing the weekend deaths of 10 refugees in San Antonio.

The Congressman tells us unfortunately, the incident puts 10 faces to the ongoing issue of human trafficking along the border with Mexico.

Smith says that many lawmakers in non-border states don’t realize that tragedies like the one discovered Sunday, happen all the time.

“The United States, like any sovereign nation needs to know who’s coming across our border, what they might be doing when they cross the border or afterwards.”

Smith feels the border between the U-S and Mexico is very porous and allows people to gain illegal entry into the country and sometimes, they don’t survive the trip.

The Congressman says if the border was more secure, the immigrants who died in that truck would likely still be alive.



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