Will We Be Here Monday?

Self-proclaimed “Christian numerologist” David Meade says he has it all figured out and the world is going to end tomorrow.

Nice knowing ya.

So, I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble about all this, but “Christian numerology” is impossible. The two words cannot be linked together scripturally. Numerology is an old pagan practice that has no Biblical validity.

That being said, it is possible the world will end tomorrow. Or today. Or right now.

While the Bible says no man will know when the end of the world will come – not even the Son, (Matt 24), we can rest assured our own end will come. At some point…someday…probably when you least expect it.

The old saying about death and taxes is true. Our earthly lives have an expiration date, and I believe it is more fruitful to contemplate the end of our own personal existence on earth rather than focusing on what the end-of-the-world date-setters say. Those guys come and go. They have been around forever, and there will be more after Mr. Meade.

Are you personally ready for your day, your hour? That is the question – not when will the world end.

So, what about the disasters? Aren’t they a sign the world is about to end?


The times we live in have become increasing secular. Rarely do we turn our thoughts to God in any meaningful way. I’m not preaching at anyone because far too often I stand at the head of that line.

Throughout history God has used natural phenomenon to show His glory and greatness. Just when humankind begins to believe there is no God in heaven in charge, along comes events that can ONLY be explained by a force beyond ourselves. Events we cannot control have a way of teaching us that we aren’t in control.

We didn’t make this place, and we don’t run the show.

God is in charge, and only by acknowledging that fact and turning to Him can we be ready for that day. Whether it’s the end of the planet or the end of your time here.

God loves you and has an incredible plan for your life.

Focus on that and the rest will take care of itself.



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