Wolff issues new executive order on pandemic restrictions in Bexar County

BEXAR COUNTY (KTSA News) — Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff issued a new executive order Tuesday night enacting new pandemic-related policies in light of a state judge’s temporary ruling Tuesday permitting more local restrictions despite Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order banning them.

The new order — while stating that it should be interpreted as being inline with the governor’s executive order — issues new requirements and recommendations:

  • A county employees, contractors, visitors, and members of the public 10 years of age or older are required to wear a mask inside Bexar County buildings, unless a medical condition or disability prevents them from doing so.
  • The county is encouraging everyone 10 years of age or older to wear a face covering when inside a business or other place open to the public and outdoors when six feet of social distancing is not possible from people outside your household.  The order said face coverings include “homemade masks, scarfs, bandanas, or handkerchiefs”.
  • Formally extended school mask requirements to all schools in Bexar County.
  • Businesses that provide goods or services directly to the public must continue to post and implement a health and safety policy.  The order suggests this policy include “requiring employees, customers, and other visitors to wear face masks; requiring customers to maintain six feet of separation; voluntarily developing occupancy limitations; or implementing screening procedures like temperature checks or health screenings.”  The executive order notes that the order itself does not require any business to implement these suggestions, other than posting what the requirements are clearly.  Businesses can call law enforcement to remove anyone who refuses to comply with their policy.
  • People who need to conduct business with the county government itself need to do so online or by mail, “unless absolutely necessary”.