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An Australian woman was charged Thursday with stealing a parked truck filled with 10,000 Krispy Kreme doughnuts — after two weeks on the run.

New South Wales police said the unmarked delivery truck had stopped for fuel on the outskirts of Sydney on Nov. 29 when a 28-year-old woman allegedly hopped inside and made off with the freshly baked booty. The incident was reportedly captured on CCTV video.

Detectives followed a trail of crumbs to a suburban carpark, where they found the abandoned vehicle more than a week later.

Officers arrested the woman, who was not identified, at St Marys Railway Station, at about 11:00 am on Thursday. She was charged with “take and drive conveyance without consent of owner, drive motor vehicle during disqualification period and travel or attempt travel without valid ticket,” police said.

The woman was refused bail and appeared in court Thursday.

Police said the spoiled doughnuts were “destroyed.”

Krispy Kreme reported the incident to the police and reassured customers then that it was “working to replace the 10,000 stolen doughnuts,” the BBC reported.

In September, a very different kind of doughnut truck heist was also caught on camera more than 7,000 miles away: Two bears on an Alaska military base raided a Krispy Kreme doughnut van that was stopped outside a convenience store during its delivery route.

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