Woman may have exposed hundreds to COVID-19 at San Antonio concert

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – A Val Verde County woman with COVID-19 allegedly broke quarantine and came to San Antonio for a crowded concert last weekend at Cowboys Dancehall.

In a video posted on Facebook, Val Verde County Judge Lewis Owens said the woman attended the Cody Johnson Concert Jan. 8.

“She put a lot of people in danger because she’s positive (for COVID-19),” said County Judge Owens. “From here to San Antonio, wherever she stopped, and going through the checkpoint also, she put all those people in danger.”

The young woman was seen on Snapchat at Cowboys Dancehall with a mask on her wrist.  She initially told contact tracers  she was not at home because she got into an argument with her mother.  She eventually confessed and told them she had attended the concert in San Antonio.

“She left on Friday, went to the concert, spent the night, so everybody she’s around had exposure,” said Owens.

At a time when coronavirus cases are rising, Owens has fielded numerous calls from area residents asking what local officials are going to do about it.

“It’s not up to us anymore, folks.  It’s up to y’all,” he said.

The woman has been issued a citation.

“People say that we need to do a better job.  No, y’all need to do a better job.  That’s how this s***  is spreading,” said Owens.

The City of San Antonio issued Cowboys Dancehall two citations for violating public health emergency orders.  The establishment has received a total of 7 citations since the pandemic began and has been warned that the city could revoke its certificate of occupancy if there are any more violations.


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