Woman opens fire on men who throw a rock at her car

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Three men who threw a big rock at a parked car are on the run…and probably running real fast after a woman who was in the car decided she wasn’t going to let them get away with it.

Police got a call from a woman on Acme Road Thursday night. She told officers that she and another woman were sitting in her car in a parking lot when three men walked toward them. One of the men tossed the large rock the at windshield.

Turns out, one of the women had a gun and as the three were running back to their car, she started shooting.

The three men got to the car and sped off but police tell FOX 29 that one of the men had been hit as there was a trail of blood in the parking lot.

It appears the women were targeted as there had been some hostility between the women and the three men in the past.

Police didn’t indicate what history the groups have but they are still looking for the three men.

The woman who shot at them is reportedly cooperating with investigators.

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