Woman uses WHAT when ordered to wear a face mask?

(KIEV) — A woman who was told she wouldn’t be served at a post office in Kiev, Ukraine without a face covering to protect against COVID-19 was able to get her errand done by using the closest thing she could find — her underwear.

According to the U.K. website Metro, the woman can be seen on the post office’s closed-circuit TV removing her leggings, then the unmentionables, in full view of bystanders, who hardly seemed to notice. She then proceeded to place the undergarments on her head.

The video was posted to social media by an employee of the company, who now reportedly faces punishment for sharing company information.

At the beginning of April, Ukraine was given new restrictive measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which included having to wear a mask or respirator in all public places. That includes part of any building to which the public has access — including shops, markets, parks, playgrounds, and on public transportation.

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