At Year’s End,The Cheese Is Sliding Off The Cracker

It’s probably best if we just wrap up 2016 as quickly and quietly as possible.

The events of this year seem to be unraveling some otherwise fine folks. Mind you, I’m not complaining, but if 2016 was a bar, you’d want to summon an Uber ride home for these people.

Item #1: Heckling at a funeral.

Honest to God, I didn’t even know this was a thing. Although it was technically a rosary service, not a funeral, imagine my surprise when a perenially disgruntled KTSA listener (you know who you are) heckled me as I entered St. Brigid’s for the Pat Rodgers service Sunday night.

All I ever did for her was let her attend about five dozen station events, where she usually talked everyone’s face off and complained about everything from the food to the air conditioning.

She “acknowledged” my arrival Sunday night, and let’s just say it wasn’t a stage whisper.

Heckling’s no big deal to me, personally, but Pat’s family only gets one service, and for a few minutes, it was ruined by someone old enough to know better. Heck, old enough to have grandchildren who know better.

I thought about telling the story on-air, but didn’t want to detract from what was a beautiful memorial for a beautiful human being.

Item #2: Wishing harm upon the person of Colin Kaepernick.

This weekend, the QB for the 1-10 49ers went into Miami—Miami, home of “Little Havana”—and shot his mouth off about the late, unlamented Fidel Castro, while actually almost winning a game.

A Cuban-American Dolphin, Kiko Alonso, helped bring him down shy of the goal line, averting a last minute game-tying run by Komrade Kap.

Many found it ironic that Alonso, of all people, would be in on that play, and he himself admitted that his play against the San Fran quarterback was “personal” for him.

I reposted the story, noting that it just “hasn’t been Colin’s year.”

The thread that followed consisted of a woman accusing me of “celebrating his injury”. Since I’m a Patriots fan, why would I celebrate a division rival’s win? And what injury?—he was taken down clean, got up, and conducted a dimwitted postgame press conference, as is his norm.

People on the thread tried to correct her misunderstanding of the game, or the sport, and she treated them to more of her vitriol. She accused one guy of being an “overachiever”, which, if you think about it, is the hottest new insult of 2016.

I just hope she’s not at the next funeral.





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