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In America, freedom of speech is also a hearing thing.

Said freedom was the subject of yesterday’s holiday…you got to go to the beach instead of having to storm one under fire, because men, mostly now dead, who by the way, probably wouldn’t have “got” you at all, laid down their young lives to preserve and extend freedom.

Everyone gets the part of about “I can say anything blah blah…” but we’re having some trouble with the part where you might also hear anything.

You might hear insults, criticism, dislike, misinformation, fear.

You might refute, debate, or tune it out.

Walking away is ok too.  You’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Neither am I, nor is anyone else. Staying and hearing it could be a good idea. Builds character, gives insight into the other side, shows a kind of self-confidence that wins people over to you, over time.

Shutting it down, or demanding a non-existent right to not hear it, is a problem. Without you knowing it, you are then invoking and wishing for a kind of government that polices speech and thought.

No thinking person should want that. Wars have been and will be fought, etc., etc.

The people wishing for it would perhaps hate it the most. Demand that it be stopped, even though they helped start it.

And then someone else would have to be remembered on Memorial Day.


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