The US Republic is under attack.

An illegal immigrant by the name of Enrique Salazar Ortiz pleaded guilty to making a false statement on a passport application, ID theft, and UNLAWFUL VOTING.

According to the Express News, Salazar has been living illegally in the US for years, possibly decades, and has voted in US elections NUMEROUS TIMES using the name of a guy in Arizona. According to Jacque Callanen, Salazar may have voted in every general election for the past 24 YEARS!

What’s more, Salazar’s lawyer told the judge that three other men have been using the same stolen ID.

The Express says Salazar went to jail for drunken-driving, but he has since turned his life around.

Good for him, but that doesn’t erase the harm he caused by casting illegal votes in US elections.

And what do you want to bet there are more like him out there?

Salazar, and those like him, are attacking our Republic by illegally casting votes in our elections. Washington needs to stop the games and stop this assault on our country.

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