You Can’t Beat Christmastime in S.A. and Here’s Why

I spent the first half of my life in the frozen tundra of New England, where winter runs from Halloween to Memorial Day.

I’ve spent the second half here. We have them beat, and it’s not close. Just a few reasons why:

Riverwalk Christmas lights. Fiesta de las Luminarias.

The weather (you can put up and take down outdoor holiday decor in shorts and t-shirt).

Tamales (and everything else Tex-Mex—even the colors are right).

Alamo Plaza STILL looks good at this time of year.

We have Elf Louise AND Wrappin’ With Jack.

Just enough cold weather to set the mood and…

…we  go all out on the scarves and coats, because we never know when we’ll get the chance again.

Barbecue. Can’t miss.

San Antonians sing—out loud—in church. No inhibitions.

Holiday in the Park at Six Flags. Windcrest. Incarnate Word.  The boots at North Star. We do Griswold-level lighting.

Open hearts: In 1994, my first Christmas here, I learned that there are no strangers in San Antonio when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

OK…this list needs your additions. What makes San Antonio special for Christmastime?




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