You Can’t Have Just One…

…favorite cereal.

No normal person could settle on just one. Nope. Don’t even try.

Long before “Seinfeld” made it a thing, I had fallen—hard—for late night cereal as a snack or lazy bachelor’s dinner. So, I tend to think of “favorite AM cereal” and “favorite nighttime”.

In the morning, I’d love to sit down to a bowl of Grape Nut Flakes, Apple Jacks (c’mon, obviously), Cheerios. Corn Flakes and Special K. For non-sweetened cereals, honey.

Nighttime kitchen raid favorites: Cocoa Krispies, Life/Cinnamon Life, Frosted Flakes and any of the 52 varieties of Mini-Wheats.

Yes, you drink the milk.

No, you do not buy milk already flavored with cereal residue. Weird.

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