You Heard The News BEFORE It Happened

After appearing on my morning show Friday where we talked for an hour about his candidacy for Mayor, Greg Brockhouse made it official at a kick-off party on Saturday.

He told me he is tired of the behind-closed-doors leadership style of Mayor Nirenberg. If he becomes Mayor, Brockhouse said every thing will be done in the open.

He even promised to give everyone his personal cell number.

I mentioned that conservatives are looking to him to stop the rush to the left San Antonio is taking, and asked him if he is the true choice of conservatives, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I also asked if there was anything in his background that would be  a problem, ala the black face scandal in the news today.

Hear his answers to these questions and many more right here. 

The entire podcast is on the Trey Ware page.



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