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YouTuber finds scooter, sunglasses and an iPhone during dive at San Antonio River Walk

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — He suits up in scuba gear and dives in bodies of water to find lost valuables and clean up trash.

Brandon Jordan then puts the videos of his dives on YouTube. His channel has millions of subscribers.

His most recent dive was in the San Antonio River.

Jordan attempted a dive back in October but he was met by some cops when he resurfaced. He learned that diving into the water along the River Walk is a misdemeanor.

But he went through the proper channels and got all the necessary permits needed and jumped back in.

Over the course of a couple of days, Jordan found a lot of cans, beads, sunglasses, a scooter and what he calls the holy grail of his dives. An iPhone. He found it during a dive near River Center.

While he seemed to enjoy the River Walk from the surface, he says he probably won’t dive in the San Antonio River again. Mainly because of the smell.

Check out his video. Maybe that’s your iPhone.


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