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Master Debaters

The show where the best argument wins.

Nonstop talking heads on the news channels. Perpetual hot takes on the sports channels. KTSA thought: let’s have MORE hot takes and MORE inflated egos in one show!

Welcome to Master Debaters.

Three combatants filled to the brim with opinions and the urge to verbally spew it out all compete to try win over an innocent, impartial judge.

These contestants will weave their way through topics ranging from general news, politics, sports, entertainment, to life offering the judge their takes on each question. The judge will determine if their arguments are worthy enough to earn them the title of Master Debater.

Listen every week to hear the freshest perspectives to the latest news events in this mental melee.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 26: KTSA Research Robot Judge & “Drink Your Matcha and Shut Up”

Fox News Radio's Matt Napolitano, Washington Post's Alexandra Petri, and Energy 94.1's Mijo...

Episode 25: Fighting Flight Attendants, Fake Foods, and Faulty Phrases

ESPN San Antonio’s Rob Thompson, ESPN San Antonio’s James Pledger, and radio host...

Episode 24: Hot Weather, Sticky Baseballs, and Potential Pandering

ESPN San Antonio’s James Pledger, Energy 94.1’s Ricardo, and freelance journalist Ryan Broderick...

Episode 23: Matter of Trust, Kept Up With Kardashians, and Moon Moves

ESPN San Antonio’s Rob Thompson, Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri, and Combat Culture’s Matt...

Episode 22: Killer Drones, Trusting Scientists, and Juiced Balls

ESPN San Antonio’s James Pledger, Energy 94.1’s Cisco, and WRNO’s James Parker gather...

Episode 21: Lotto tickets, John Cena, Memorial Day… LIVE!

Master Debaters go live in a web stream for the show's first time.

Episode 20: The Oscars, Numbers, and Racist USA

Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri, ESPN San Antonio’s James Pledger, and Energy 94.1’s Mijo...

Episode 19: The Yelling, The Wishy-Washy, and The Boring

Combat Culture’s Matt Ryan, comedian Roman Garcia, and Fox News Radio’s Matt Napolitano...

Episode 18: An Alpha Dog Appears!

Energy 94.1’s Ernie Martinez and ESPN San Antonio’s James Pledger meet up to...

Episode 17: Coffee, House Pets, and Time Change

Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri, Combat Culture’s Matt Ryan, and comedian Roman Garcia pull...

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