Maine court allows Trump to appear on primary ballot for now


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Washington — The Maine Superior Court on Wednesday said former President Donald Trump can be listed on the state’s Republican presidential primary ballot for now, sending a dispute over his eligibility for a second term back to the secretary of state for further proceedings as needed after the U.S. Supreme Court issues a ruling in a similar case from Colorado.

In a 17-page order, Justice Michaela Murphy, who sits on the superior court in Augusta, said that a December decision from Secretary of State Shella Bellows, a Democrat, should remain on hold until the Supreme Court renders its decision in the Colorado dispute.

Noting that Maine’s primary is scheduled for March 5, Murphy wrote that “unless the Supreme Court before that date finds President Trump disqualified to hold the office of president, eligible Maine voters who wish to cast their vote for him in the primary will be able to do so, with the winner being determined by ranked-choice voting.”

She said that Maine law grants her the authority to send the matter back to Bellows and order her to issue a new ruling once the Supreme Court decides the Colorado case.

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