Trump’s rally dance sparks viral TikTok challenge

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Like many politicians before him, President Trump was caught dancing in public, this time to “YMCA” when it blared at a recent rally. Not only has a clip of the presidential dance gone viral, it sparked a trend on the popular video app TikTok.

The Associated Press says Mr. Trump ends most of his rallies with this dance – his own unique take on the “YMCA.” Rather than doing the typical moves to spell out the title of the song, the president “starts with the arms, clenched fists pumping back and forth — sometimes to the beat — as though he’s on an elliptical trainer,” the AP reports.

The president’s jig involves clapping, waving, head bobbing and sometimes, pointing into the crowd. Some may call it a “dad dance,” a dance trend former President Obama has also been known to partake in.

On TikTok, the app the the president famously threatened to ban, people are recreating Mr. Trump’s dad’s dance. Many TikTokers are pairing their videos with a particular mashup of two songs: Cold Play’s “Viva La Vida” and Savage’s “Swing.”

Many are also creating “duets” or side-by-sides of themselves dancing next to a video of Mr. Trump. TikTok user, Julia Keith, started the trend, according to the Miami Herald.

The president’s daughter and adviser, Ivanka Trump, even tweeted a video of Keith “doing the Trump.”

Whether or not TikTok users are mocking Mr. Trump or celebrating with him is up for debate, and like many TikTok trends, the “Trump dance” may be fleeting.

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