SKOKIE, Ill. (CBS) — Skokie police Friday night were investigating a hate crime with eight different scenes.

Someone has been targeting and cutting up “We stand with Israel” signs. CBS 2’s Jermont Terry spoke to neighbors whose yards were targeted – and they now worry about what comes next.

On countless blocks in the Devonshire area of Skokie, south of Church Street and east of Kostner Avenue, people woke up Friday morning to find their signs destroyed.

“We saw a bunch of signs, ours included, all torn down,” said Josh Graver. “Ripped up. Knifed.”

“We realized it was every single north-to-south block in our neighborhood,” said Annie Warshaw. “This isn’t just a one-off teenager being, you know?”

The vandalism of the yard signs overnight happened at homes of majority-Jewish neighbors.

“The fact this was done to everybody tells us thought went into this,” said Warshaw.

Home surveillance shows at least three individuals ripping up the signs on Kedvale Avenue.

“Is it the same three people on every block?” said Warshaw. “We don’t know.”

But whoever they are, Skokie police don’t see this as a mischievous act. The department said detectives are investigating what happened as a hate crime.

“Did anyone physically personally get harmed? No,” Graver said. “But like I said, this is where it starts.”

The neighbors are fearful it could only escalate.

“We’ve all been on edge wondering when this was going to happen, and it’s happening,” Warshaw said. “So what next?”

Since the fighting started between Hamas and Israel, Jewish Chicagoans said they have been targets of hate and feel the destroyed signs speaks to a much bigger issue. They are pleased to see Skokie police take it seriously.

“This is not just about what is happening on Kedvale – it’s what’s happening about in our larger community,” said Warshaw.

“We won’t kowtow to the pressure, if you want to call that pressure, of, you know, taking the sign down,” said Graver.

Skokie police are looking over several surveillance videos sent in by neighbors in hopes of identifying the vandals.

Police ask that anyone with information contact them at (847) 982-5900.

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