When a parents in Saline, Michigan came together to discuss racial tensions in the school community, the meeting took a sudden turn when one father interrupted another by blurting out, “Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?”

The meeting was hosted by Saline Area Schools, local public radio channel WEMU reports. Parents of minority students stood up to share how their children felt discriminated against in the school district. One father, Adrian Iraola, said his son was the victim of racist remarks.

“When I went to his bedroom to say good night he was crying because of the abuse endured in this school system,” Iraola said. Then another man interrupted him.

“Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” Tom Burtell interjected. The crowd of about 125 parents gasped, video posted by local news outlet MLive shows.

Several parents condemned Burtell’s remark, shouting, “You need to leave” and “That is disgusting.”

Following the uproar at Monday’s meeting, Garden announced plans to continue the conversation at another meeting next week. “There are a lot of issues we can discuss, however, based on recent events I would like talk about the issue of diversity, equity & inclusion as it relates to our community and Saline Area Schools,” he wrote online. “What role do we play as a school district? What role should we play?”

“Hate, prejudice, and racism have no place in our schools or our community,” Garden said in an emailed statement to CBS News. “The Saline Board of Education and administration take the issue of student and adult behavior seriously.  We are striving to ensure a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for all students and families, regardless of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identity, or any other identity. This is an opportunity for us — the staff, students, and community of Saline Area Schools — to stand for anti-racism, respect, and inclusion of all students.”

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