Democrats Blow Out Republicans

Except for Republicans barely retaining the Mississippi governor’s seat, Democrats carried the night in these off-year elections.

Or at least “off-year” for the GOP. This was very much an  on-year for the Democrats, despite Biden, moral and legal corruption, inflation and war.

You lost to Joe Biden’s party. Biden. Let that sink in. C’mon, man!

Bidding to increase the GOP footprint in crucial Virginia, they instead lost ground. Lost on abortion in Ohio. Lost the state supreme court in Pennsylvania. 

Haven’t they been crowing this week about leads in these battleground states?

Republican operatives still don’t get it. Our national civic life is hanging by a thread, and they’re worried about…Trump. Have you seen most Republicans work harder on anything—anything—than they work on fighting themselves in their own locker room? This team plays each other way harder than they play the Hamasocrats. When is the GOP ever going to enjoy a clearer moral edge than in the obscene anti-Semitic tableau of this week?


They still don’t have the ground game for early voting, mail/absentee voting, new voter registration and all the other features of post-COVID election rules. Opposing the rule changes is great, but you have to play under them until/unless you undo the fix.

You wanna say elections are stolen? With me, you get to cry “victim” once. After that, I’m only interested in what you do about it. So far, Team Red just keeps bleating about it. Make a damn fist and fight back!

Tell me I’m wrong.

They also get pasted on fundraising. That stereotype of “rich Republicans”? What are they spending their money on? Their lefty counterparts are spending it on controlling the the country, the culture and the children.

I’m an independent, but I know which party better represents liberty, law and order and life.

And that party is in no way ready for contention in 2024.

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