Donald Trump Jr. said Tuesday it isn’t an insult to be described as “kind of troll-y.”

CBSN anchor Anne-Marie Green said in an interview with Trump Jr. Tuesday that in his new book, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us,” he calls Robert Mueller “a feeble old fool.”

“You call George W. Bush a loser. You said the Squad should probably be called the Hamas caucus, and so … saying that you’re kind of troll-y is not an insult to you, right?” Green asked.

“It’s not because the reality is this, don’t forget, I spent two years under investigation with Robert Mueller,” he said. “I had half of the Democrats in Congress – probably all of the Democrats in Congress, half of Congress period, literally saying I committed treason for taking an unsolicited phone call,” he said, arguing that other political figures, like Hillary Clinton, haven’t been put under the same scrutiny.

“So, when you’ve gone through what I have gone through over the last two years, you do actually have to push back,” he said.

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He discusses this point and others in his new book, which he said he doesn’t think furthers the divisiveness in the country.

“Any one of those chapters, I could have taken much further and done something sort of inflammatory as opposed to taking a reasonable stance … I can be ‘live and let live,’ although I’m painted as an alt-right neo-Nazi,” he said. “The dialogue has to work both ways. When you have people on TV every day saying you committed treason, that’s a big deal to me as an American.”

Trump Jr. said he wants to use his platform to challenge the mainstream media, what he called “the marketing wing of the DNC.”

“I don’t disagree that people are inflamed, but the reality is there’s a lot more people on the other side that are doing it because the vast majority of the mainstream media is left-leaning,” he said. “The difference is today they’ve just disregarded the pretense of objectivity. Now they’re just like, ‘OK, we’re the marketing wing of the DNC.’ So for me, because I do have a big platform … you have to fight back. When you believe in something, you have to.”

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