Have You Heard About This Bizarre Bedroom Habit?

Is this a boudoir bombshell?

A woman in California says she and her husband frequently swap in the bedroom. As in, swap sides of the bed.

A TikToker named Angelina says that when she and her husband go to bed, they just randomly get in on whatever side they randomly pick.

Oh the humanity!

I mean, don’t even single slumberers have their “side” of the bed? Figures it would be Cali, right?

Please don’t tell me this is some new trend.

If I sleep on the “other side” of my bed, I feel like I woke up in a hotel room.

In a foreign country.

On that side, nothing is right in terms of Kleenex, Chap Stick, note pad, alarm clock…and of course, Vicks Vap-O-Rub.

Over there, I’m just *visiting* my bedroom.

I guess I could simply equip both nightstands with the identical items, but then again, I’m not some kooky, civilization-mocking Californian.



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