How You Can Tell These Are Not Normal Times

From Fox News:

“The U.S. Department of Justice arrested two U.S. Navy sailors on national security charges relating to China on Thursday.

“It is unclear whether the two cases are connected in any way. The first sailor, a 22-year-old assigned to a vessel in San Diego, was arrested on an espionage charge relating to a conspiracy to share intelligence with a Chinese official.

“The second sailor, based near Los Angeles, is charged with conspiracy and receipt of a bribe from a Chinese official.

“DOJ officials have not identified either U.S. sailor by name. A DOJ spokesman detailed the charges against each of the members, however.”

In normal times, this would be the top news story of the afternoon, even given that the two are innocent unless proven guilty.

In normal times, all of us across the parties and red-blue spectrum would recognize that Communist China is our adversary, seeking to penetrate and take advantage of our military, tech sector, national infrastructure, higher education and policymaking. Not a “rival”. Not a “partner”.

We would recognize the difference between the Beijing regime, which is historically dangerous, and the Chinese people and culture, both of which  are rightly admired. We would know the history of that country since its 1949 revolution, and we would be acting accordingly.

Also, we would refuse to be distracted by other conflicts and global crises. Acknowledge them, yes. But know our priorities.

If these were normal times, we would assume that whichever party controlled 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and the Capitol, would be awake and alert. The Cold War with the USSR was waged with conviction by both Democrats and Republicans. You knew it.

We would not have to wonder if the Beijing dictatorship had already bought and controlled them, too.

These are not normal times.

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