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It might be a stretch to compare Hunter Biden to Dylan Mulvaney.

But things were going pretty well for Anheuser-Busch’s leading brand. And then they weren’t.

For most of Joe Biden’s political run, it’s been this: young politician with devastating family tragedy and health problems hangs onto a safe seat for Democrats, weathers plagiarizing scandals, failed presidential runs and a dim-bulb reputation (the US Senate is the right place to be!)—and then, miraculously, in the December of his years, is vice-president and president.

A carefully-cultivated “brand”: he’s blue collar, Scranton-bred, packs his lunch, rides the train, sits in the cheap seats. Call him the anti-Kennedy.

Then, one day, the Biden logo isn’t Grandpa Joe, but…Hunter. The can looks different!

First, H-man just seemed like a fried weirdo addicted to sex (which lines up nicely for the Senate, come to think of it…), but now, it turns out, there was more to this guy.

He’s wheeling and dealing like Monty Hall, jetting around the globe like a John Kerry with bad hair, guzzling caviar and currency, and setting up shell corporations. Hunter, we hardly knew ye!

That’s the thing about “brands”. When they’re all image and smoke, they’re easily dispelled.


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