If You Got Your Job Because of Your Daddy

If you got your job because of who your daddy was, just have a little grace.

I have nothing against guys like this, in my business, or any business, because I know a little about a father’s love, and how earnestly you want to help your child. And what were you, the son, supposed to do, change your name to “Smith” and pretend you don’t have a famous father? Of course not.

I’ve seen scions of famous families go on to soar even higher, bigger and better, and excel. And I’ve seen guys who, in the famous saying, wake up on third base and think they hit a triple. Seen more than a few of those…

Just know that WE know, we all know, and we’ve always known, that you got your start, or your break, or your access to the halls of money or power, because your name isn’t Smith.

Just have a little grace. Make your connections with the master key of family lineage—but then surprise us with magnanimity, with generosity, and maybe a little self-effacing humor. Grace goes a long way.

Hunter Biden didn’t have to be Hunter Smith.

He just didn’t have to be a greedhead who would “do deals” with the worst people on earth.

Can we stop talking about his “business”? Giving him this word is an insult to people that build actual businesses, with all that attends that. He didn’t have a business. There isn’t anything he makes, produces or provides to humanity. He sells out his name, his father’s dissolute bagman, “access” they call it politely.

He trades on something he had nothing to do with and is paid solely on the basis of what people will get from his father. If you believe that a bagman keeps all, or even most of his boss’ collections, I have some guys in the Bronx who would like a word with you.

The late-Roman empire lifestyle Hunter leads is funded with money from corrupt regimes, pays for his corrupt existence, and is funneled to a corrupt family whose best defense is now to pretend they didn’t “know about” or “had no connection” to his meetings.

His father says “he (Hunter) did nothing wrong”, which is actually pretty clever, since it’s going to allow him to be “shocked” later on.

As for me, our family name wasn’t famous.

I am whatever I am because I had a decent, moral, courageous man as my father. I didn’t turn out as he hoped: a doctor or a lawyer, but I try to do what I do by his standards. I don’t always succeed. He left not a name, but grace and example.

I wouldn’t trade places with Hunter Biden for all the natural gas in Ukraine.


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