Keep Lickin’ Those Toes and Tellin’ Those Lies

Maybe civilization in in a “tearing off the Band-Aid” moment.

If so, let’s get on with it. Those hairs’ll grow back.

See the story out of Oklahoma, where high school students were fundraising by licking toes? 

The students were raising money for a coffee shop that would employ people with disabilities. So, naturally, you would get out a jar of Skippy and start taking off your socks. I mean, what kind of caring people are we?!

I never thought I would miss the candy bar sales, but goes to show you.

When the furor died down, the school bragged about how it  was the students’ idea. I’m not sure, but I think I remember having a lot of ideas SHOT DOWN by adults, back when they thought they knew more than us.

And, anyway, show me a school assembly for toe-sucking and I’ll show you a creepy “faculty adviser” who’s enjoying it way too much.

Let me now swing over to today’s 9-0 Supreme Court ruling against Colorado (and other states) using the 14th Amendment to DQ Donald Trump from their ballots. The ruling, and the unanimity, are not surprising.

What most definitely was interesting to watch was the sheer tonnage of law professors who blithely defended the disqualification justification.

They aren’t dummies, but they figured you’re one.

They lied their Jif-smeared toes off, pretending it was perfectly normal to rig an election by barring the leading candidate of the opposing party.

All of this is why I believe that, everyday, little light bulbs (the good old fashioned kind we could afford and see with) are going off over people’s heads.

So, by all means, please keep the peanut butter and the lies coming. It’s helping.

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