Mug Shot and Trump Trials Are A Big Bet

I’m not a lawyer, but fortunately, the current frame-ups pretending to be criminal cases don’t really require the training.

They’re stretching barely relevant laws tighter than John Kerry’s current face, but they’re also making a big bet.

You see, precedent goes both ways.

Red state attorneys general and district attorneys could achieve rock star status very quickly and easily after 2024, going after various aspects of Bidenalia, or notoriously crooked pols like Hillary, JB Pritzker, Gretchen Whitmer, Robert Menendez, and numerous others from New York to California. Soviet butcher Lavrenti Beria said “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

And if one GOP prosecutor did it, others would follow out of envy, or conformity.

Retaliation would be a b^#@$.

But it won’t happen. And that’s the big bet.

Trump-hunting Democrats are betting that Republicans, when their opportunity came, wouldn’t dare do it. Just as the Mitch McConnell’s of the world proclaim their weariness with impeachment, the bet is that Republicans will fall into line behind the idea that “the country has had enough” and “people want solutions, not retribution”.

People do want solutions. They also want to stop feeling like schmucks every time they realize that those who make the rules for us don’t follow them.

If there was a whiff of concern about potential Republican payback, you’d be hearing a few outlier voices in the Democratic party or their media, urging caution, or at least dampening the mug shot enthusiasm.

Institutional power and weaponized justice can work both ways.

The bet is that they’ll never have to find out.

The bet is that, despite history favoring one, no reckoning is coming.

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