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It’s funny and sad to see Trump Derangement Syndrome, at times.

Imagine never taking a day off from it, believing (or claiming to) that he’s behind every fear and dread.

Convincing yourself, or being brainwashed into thinking, that the single biggest threat to you, your family, your community, your way of life…is this guy.

That, despite having lived through and having certainly prospered during his preceding term in office.

To use a sports analogy, it would be like participating in only half of a sports rivalry. You got the hatred part down pat. You hate the Yankees, or the Cowboys, or the Lakers or USC. But you don’t have a team you root for. You don’t enjoy the games,  the playoffs, the action. Anyone can win, or no one, but this one team has to lose. I’m sure there are fans like this, and it’s weird.

It’s one thing to be devoted to your principles, and to “never rest” in their defense. I would admire that.

TDS goes beyond that, to the point that opposing and fearing him becomes not the means to a greater good, but an end in itself.

I’m not sure that’s admirable, much less logical.

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