Nothing Insults Our Intelligence Like This

“Washington is Hollywood for ugly people” goes the saying.

Or, “politics is prom for ugly people”.

They both work for me.

Whether it’s Tinseltown or D.C., there is so much ritual and hypocrisy you could start a cult.

One of my least favorite routines is the performative denouncing of millionaires/billionaires, by (mostly) Democratic politicians.

Well, now it has to be billionaires, since all of them are (inexplicably) millionaires themselves. Ahem.

Noting insults our intelligence like Bidens, Clintons, Sanders’, Weingartens, Lightfoots, Abrams’ et. al. calling down shame and opprobrium on those who have “too much”, “more than enough”, “don’t pay their fair share”, yada yada yada.

Where do I begin?

For starters, the world’s never known unquenchable greed like a bureaucracy Hoovering up other peoples’ earnings. Everything they do is “underfunded”. The greediest rich person can’t confiscate wealth like government can and does. D.C. is a clinic on greed.

Then comes the inescapable attraction between political candidates and the rich. It’s a grand, eternal love story, dotted with shared vacations, golf, dinners and arranged marriages. Do presidents EVER vacation at your house or mine? No. And I have a nice guest room.

Do they ALWAYS vacation at the palaces of the very very rich? Why, yes, Jack, they do. I guess they repress their revulsion long enough to enjoy the plush towels and crisp linens. I guess they have to pretend to enjoy the accomodations, since we all  KNOW no one should be enjoying such.

State dinners, White House committees, ambassadorships,  blue-ribbon panels. Billionaires to the front!

There are few things more transparently phony than railing against billionaires all week and then accepting their drinks and dollars on Saturday.

I don’t mind who they hob-nob with but stop pretending such people shouldn’t exist.

What would you pols do without them?



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