One Time Biden, Democrats Are Right

Credit where credit may be due.

President Biden and other members of his party have taken to ascribing to Donald Trump any occasion when Republicans stand up and fight.

They’re only talking tough on the border because they’re afraid of, or in thrall to, the Trumpster?

Tried to impeach Secretary Mayorkas? Trump put them up to it.

Et cetera, et cetera.

Maybe the Dems are right.

Feisty, oppositional behavior has been largely absent from the 2000s-era GOP. I mean, those Supreme Court confirmation battles for Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett were driven by President Trump. You know the Republican senators wanted to throw in the towel, and ride their elevators peacefully.

So, it just might be Joe and his party got this one right. The Republicans are only doing their job out of fear of the former president’s tweets and nicknames.

Kind of a good news/bad news scenario, wouldn’t you say?


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