There’s a lot going on in the news, so I waited.

Now, it’s pretty clear that our politicians, media and religious leaders are ignoring the June 5 massacre of over 50 Christians worshipping at St. Francis Catholic parish in Ondo, Nigeria.

Ghastly videos show victims of all ages in pools of blood, killed right as they prayed for this world of ours.

In its own right, it deserves global, universal condemnation. Yet, even in most Catholic churches, no prayers have been offered.

They pray for rain, though.


Tell me what disqualifies them, from, say, the reaction to the 2019 New Zealand mosque killing of roughly the same number of innocent victims?

Please, explain.

There’s a UN initiative to unravel “Islamophobia”, but none for the pattern of Islamist terror attack on churches in Nigeria, with a death toll in the hundreds going back a decade or so. A pattern. A genocide.

Why don’t these black lives matter?

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