The Zone Could Use Some Judgement

I remember when I was a kid, if a man went into a ladies’ restroom or changing room, the women attacked him, with the big purses that they apparently all carried for just such a possibility.

He would come tearing out of there, hands over his head, pleading for mercy while a torrent of verbal and physical flailing rained down upon him.

It even happened in cartoons, for Pete’s sake.

And, it was bipartisan. The guy had to be a creep and a pervert.

How did we get from that, to punishing the women who notice a man in their designated rooms? Shaming and canceling the women, as if they went through the wrong door.

Heck, the guy probably hits her with his purse now.

From schools and universities to department stores and gyms, the new “thinking” (if there’s any actual thought) is to make every person “comfortable” and “accomodated”.

But what about when girls and women don’t feel comfortable having a grown-ass man showering and shaving next to them?

What if that’s uncomfortable?

Maybe, instead of touting a “judgement-free zone”, someone ought to use some judgement, at Planet Fitness.

There are rules galore, enforced without regards to feelings.  They charge a membership fee—you must pay it. They have open/close hours, and they won’t hang around for you if you’re running late. You can’t bring your gun, I assume? Rules. Rules would solve this.

If a man violates a woman’s space, we need some good, sound judgement.

And maybe some big, heavy purses.

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