Three People Murdered, Millions Are Accused

Described as “a madman” but “lucid”, a 21-year-old man shot and killed three people at a Dollar General in Jacksonville, FL.

We mourn these victims, who were going about their business and planning time with their families, never suspecting what was headed their way.

Angela Carr, 52, shot in her car in the parking lot. Store employee A.J. Laguerre, 19. Jerald Gallion, a customer entering the store, 29.

The killer posted to social media, wanting everyone to see his preparation and intent. He reportedly painted a swastika on one gun.

The AP described the murders as “the latest in a long line of American racist killings”.

America’s history with racism is undeniable, but let me hold you for a second before you go hurtling down whatever ideological road you choose to take this.

First, there is a very big difference between racism in the law, and racism in the heart.

Our history includes times and places when “Jim Crow” laws about voting, home ownership, school were considered the norm. Racial demotion and denigration was the law. You couldn’t call anyone about it, report it, or seek recompense. It had official force behind it, which is a damn good standalone reason to be very sparing with the powers we delegate to government.

We rightly renounce those times, and, yes, we should educated every freedom loving American about them, so that hate is never enshrined again in law.

Racism in the heart is what’s going on today, and what was going on with this sicko in Florida.

He was not the agent of any government. He was carrying out no official policy or order.

If we are interested in his “motivation” (in the heart or mind), then by rights, we should also be interested in the motivations of every shooting in America, whether interracial or intraracial.

We should have the Nashville manifesto, for example. What are the motivations of young punks who attack, rob and kill the elderly? Or prey on ethnic groups, such as Asians, in places like New York and Los Angeles?

I’m not saying we can’t talk about this guy’s racism. But, if we only choose times and places where these things are called out, don’t be surprised if more and more people ignore the talk.

They also say he legally bought his guns, and that a mental health commitment in the past wouldn’t have shown up on a records check. That needs a closer look.

But since there are 350 million guns in the country, if no one ever bought another new one, ever again, a person of even mild motivation could get one. Gun control rhetoric is nothing but politicians preening, and they know it.

Where do all the guns used in all the inner-city black-on-black shootings come from? Where did the millions of weapons we left in Afghanistan go?

And now we know why “wokeness” is described on MSNBC as the new “N-word”.

State Rep. Angie Nixon (D-Jacksonville) blamed attacks on wokeness by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) as she pointed to “racist violence that has been perpetuated by rhetoric and policies designed to attack Black people, period.

“Because let’s be clear, that is red meat to a base of voters”.

See, the killer had millions and millions of bloodstained partners in crime. If you voted for DeSantis.

By that definition, I would say to Rep. Nixon that every killer has millions with him.

Except that would be ludicrous to say.

We are not stopping hatred, ending violence, or saving lives, by spraying the blood of innocent victims all over those we disagree with.


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