Tim Scott Gets The Moment

A friend of mine who’s not very political cracked me up when she said she had liked Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) a lot more before he started running for president.

You either get that or you don’t, but I know what she means.

And now she can like him just fine, because, over the weekend, he pulled the plug on his campaign.

Right now, the senator gets the moment.

I mean, polls can be wrong, but…is every poll wrong? Is every poll showing Donald Trump with a 40-something point lead in the GOP field wrong?

How wrong would they have to be? And, who, if not Republican primary voters, ARE these people choosing Trump? As they clearly are.

When he holds a rally for 15,000 on the same night as the third RNC debate, which sees its audience crater like the latest Marvel movie, why is only Tim Scott reading the room?

Say what you want about Scott, but, today, he seems sharp as a tack.

I’m not saying you have to like what’s happening, but at some point, champ, you have to face what’s happening.

I know there are still RINO lame-os like Karl Rove, tendentiously explaining that you people don’t *really* want what you say you want. In the reverse of the dating advice, he thinks “yes” means “no”. Voters, he insists, want anybody but Trump and Biden as their choices.

Hey, Karl,  maybe they would’ve, but maybe they’re looking around at the state of things, like 94-year Bernie Marcus, the founder of Home Depot, who recently said that anyone seriously worried about the future of the country (and he is) should be seriously trying to get Trump elected.

Pundits can sit around and wonder about better choices.

American voters have to choose. Tim Scott sees that.

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